Superposition fund

Current rate (16. 07. 2024.) 1.8703 Ft
Investment strategy  
In physics, the principle of superposition applies when waves are combined. In certain situations they extinguish, while in others they reinforce one another. The Superposition Fund relies on this model for the selection of its investments. Assessing investment options against various criteria, it selects the ones where divergent approaches produce mutually reinforcing results. The methods used for analysis can be fundamental, statistical or technical. Where no adequate option is available, the capital of the Fund is invested in low-risk assets.
Retrospective returns   
3 month: -1.8%
1 year: 21.41%
Since inception (annualized): 6.16%
Since inception (total): 69.32%
Superposition Derivatives Investment Fund  
Fund manager: HOLD Asset Management
Portfolio manager: Dávid Szabó
Distributors: Concorde Securities Ltd.
  HOLD Alapforgalmazó Zrt.
  Equilor Befektetési Zrt.
Custodian: UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.
Supervisory authority: Central Bank of Hungary
Type: Open-ended absolute return target derivatives fund
Currency: HUF
Current rate (16. 07. 2024.): 1.870306 Ft
Net asset value (16. 07. 2024.): HUF 0 million
Inception date: 01. 21. 2014.
ISIN code: HU0000713243
Current rate of management and distribution fees 1.25% p.a.
Hurdle rate: RMAX
Performance fee: 20% of returns above the hurdle rate
The sheet of Superposition Fund on BAMOSZ’s site.
Superposition Derivatives Investment Fund, B Series  
Current rate (16. 07. 2024.): 1.620713 Ft
Net asset value (16. 07. 2024.): 0 millió Ft
ISIN code: HU0000718986
Superposition Derivatives Investment Fund, C Series  
Current rate (16. 07. 2024.): 1.58925 Ft
Net asset value (16. 07. 2024.): 0 millió Ft
ISIN code: HU0000718994

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The Fund involves an unusual level of risk. Pursuant to Article 23(1) of Government Decree 78/2014 (III. 14.), the Fund may invest in derivatives in excess of the general investment limits, provided that the conditions specified in the Decree are satisfied. The total netted exposure of the Fund shall not exceed the limit specified in the Government Decree. Historical returns will not guarantee the future performance of the Fund. The above returns data were calculated without deducting entry and exit charges and taxes.